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TUKHME KAUNCH ki pehchan fawaid aur istamal | Benefits of MUCUNA PRURIENS OR TUKHME KAUNCH

Tukhme kounch TUKHME KAUNCH aik boti hai jo apne ird gird  k darkht pay char jati hai aur ais k paty glu ki trah k hote hain jis pay phalian lagti hain.body per ais k lgne say shadeed kharish(itching) aur soozish(swollen) ho jati hai . Ais ka thukhm lobye ki trah ka hota hai lakin [...]

Funky Safoof Tabkheer benefits

Safoof Tabkheer
Safoof-e-Tabkeer(Funky) Safoof tabkeer Acidity is the worldwide problem causing uneasiness and trouble in the life of people. It relates to the excess secretions of acid and enzymes by glands present in our stomach or more precisely gastric glands(Safoof Tabkheer). A acid known as hydrochloric acid (HCl) secreted by wall of the stomach to facilitate digestion [...]

kalonji ke fayde Black seeds benefits, What is black seed and used for?

kalonji ke fawaid aur istamal People have been using black seeds for a variety of purposes for well over 3,000 years. Its oil is purported to restore balance and harmony to your body. Hot and Dry in nature. It is good for skin and hairs and Weight loss1.Type 2 diabetes – Researchers found that just two grams [...]

sharbat bazoori banane ka tarika | Sharbat Bazoori Ingredients

Sharbat Bazoori benefits
Sharbat  Bazoori Ingredients Sherbat Bazoori is a Unani medicine. It is a Sharbat of seeds. Bazer means seed and its plural is Bazoor (seeds). Because seeds are included in this formulation particularly, it is called Bazoori. Sharbat or Syrup means the sweet syrup compound, prepared from decoction, infusion, and water extract of either dry fruits [...]