Roghan e Balsan benefits Balsam Oil original

Roghan e Balsan benefits Balsam Oil original

Its ROGHAN (oil) is sealed in the branches. Most famous Bilsaan comes from the surrounding areas of BADR.

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Sahib-ul-Qanoon (Ibn-e-Seena) wrote for Bilsaan that it is hot & dry, when taken as a food dissipates the clogs & inflammation, good for wounds, a cure for Sciatica, Epilepsy, headaches, dissolves congestion / phlegm in the chest, helps the people who have weak digestion, cleans the stomach & strengthens the liver, opens the menstruation & it is a cure for all uterine ailments that exist due to coldness dominant over hotness.

اللهُمَّ اغْفِر لِي خَطِيئَتِي وَجَهْلِي وإِسرافِي فِي أمْرِي ومَا أنتَ أعْلَمُ بِه مِنِّي اللهُمَّ اغْفِرْلِي جِدِّي وَهَزْلِي وَخَطَئِي وعَمَدِي، وكُلُّ ذلِكَ عِنْدِي أنْتَ المُقَدِّمُ وأنْتَ المُؤَخِّرُ وَأنْتَ عَلى كُّلِ شَيءٍ قَدِيْرِ
Sambucus Nigra is another miracle of my Allah’s creations, it is also called ELDER but the species found in Makkah & Arabia is totally different to Elderberry shrubs that grow in Europe. In Saudi Arabia, it is also known as Bilsaan, Bishaam & Balsam Makkah. You can find Bilsaan trees at mountains around Ghaar-e-Hiraa & the entire track that goes to Qarn-al-Manazil (crossing Jau’raanah جعرانة).
Bilsaan’s health benefits are un-limited & we attach a file written in Arabic, that is a comprehensive information on Bilsaan. In brief, it is good for cough & cold, arthritic pains, kidneys, sexual endurance, stomach, liver, Faalij, Laqwa, Sciatica, epilepsy, etc.
Your Sahib-al-Qanoon also praised Bilsaan before 1,000 years, & you can read his precious words below.
Roghan-e-Bilsaan is sold in Makkah & Madinah & pilgrims take it, considering that it is PURE.
But we are sorry to say that its purity can’t be guaranteed.
It is best to purchase fresh branches of Bilsaan & to drink them by making an infusion inside a thermos, we need to capture the steam, so as to avoid loss of volatile oils that can evaporate with the steam, it is our practice to make all infusions inside the thermos only.
Arabs also use its branches as a Miswaak, when chewed, the branch releases Bilsaan OIL whose taste & perfume can’t be translated in words.
By the Order of Allah, Bilsaan trees grow at their own up on the mountains, without any water & under the sun with temperatures that reach 50 degrees Celsius in summer season, once I traveled to LEETH (a city on Jizan road), local folks there informed that there is a HOT SPRING (40 km) towards EAST inside the desert, I went to see Allah’s miracle, & the spring was there. Water was hot enough to boil an egg easily. I brought a sample of water back to Jeddah & checked its TDS (total dissolved solids), it was well above 3,000 ppm showing abundance of minerals (hot springs usually have high SULFUR).
The name of that village was Ma’a ul Haar (Hot Water).
I met some Pathan friends at Ma’a ul Haar who worked at a construction company, they took me up on the mountain which was full of Bilsaan trees, the Pathan brothers used their tools & collected around 50 kg of Bilsaan branches for me, & I distributed them among my friends in Jeddah, I also enjoyed its tea.
Maa ul Haar area is rich in Bilsaan trees & PELU (Miswaak tree) as well, if you can take a Caterpillar digger there, you can harvest Miswaaks of SR 10,000/- per day, ohhhhhhhh the treasures of my Allah, the sharp taste of PELU roots, the SHIFA they possess.
I said Caterpillar digger because it will be difficult for you to pull out PELU roots manually, they travel deep inside the sand in search of water.
Last but not the least, take a lot of cold drinking water, temperature at Maa ul Haar was 53 Celsius when I went there, it is an extremely hot desert.(Article By Hassan Muhhamad Shami)


But if you are unable to find Bilsaan, a good alternative (as a food) is Black seed oil.

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177 thoughts on “Roghan e Balsan benefits Balsam Oil original

  1. Saeed says:

    I need Roghne Bilsan. please tell the price through email. I need it in Islamabad pakistan. Can you provide me there.

    • Ali says:

      It depends why do you want to use on skin?
      In general,add 5ml of Pure Balisan Oil in 100ml of Roghan Zaitoon or in any preferred cream
      Apply 2 times a day.

  2. Saeed ur Rasool says:

    I need orignel roghan e balsan. please tell me price and many days you deliver to me in pakistan please update me via e mail

    • Ali says:

      The price of Roghan Balisan in Indian Rupees is 2800 + 1200 for the shipment to India.
      If your order exceeds more than 11000 Indian Rupees, your delivery will be free of charge.

  3. Sandeep Singh says:

    Is this oil cures nerve damage in leg which is caused by a severe bone facture please tell me..or please email me you number or send your number I will call you. Actually am suffering from leg swelling since last 2years please help me admin. Am very much need of help

  4. Ajmal Hussain says:

    Hi I m here in Saudi Arabia how can I get this oil rogan e balsan and how I know it will be 100 original kindly reply I need this and tell me the price of this I m here near then abha how can I get

  5. Mustufa Khan says:

    I need 2 packs for 5ML “Roghan E Balsan”. I am in Madina. You please contact me at my mobile. no. +966-541409198.

    I already place order on your website with order No. Order #3892, Order #3893 but selected as Cash On Delivery. You please contact me or give me any address in Madina so that I can purchase it from their. Thank you.

    My Email address:

  6. Mashhood ul hasan says:

    I have rogan e balsam but dont know how to use it for arthiritis problem. Please help me as my father is in real pain.

    • Ali says:

      Yes we can provide in Saudi Arabia. Orders above AED 450 are eligible for free delivery.
      Sorry to inform you that delivery to Jubail is not possible now.We only delivery to Makkah, Madina and Jeddah

  7. Aarifa marifath says:

    How to use roghan balsam for urinary stricture and dry scaly and itchy skin problems please reply through email also for menstrual regularity. Age 34

  8. Mohammed Taheruddin says:

    Dear Ali,

    can use for Galblader stone to remove roghan balsam? and how to use? Please let me know where i can buy in Riyadh, or you can ship to me in Riyadh my contacts as bellow,

    Best Regards
    Mobile: +966504158783

    • Marie Grace says:

      Yes you can use it for gallbladder stone but no much cure is known so far.Yes we provide free delivery on orders above AED 450 to Saudi Arabia.

  9. Imkarachi says:

    Can a very little dose of this oil be used for children of 3-4 years of age? A kid got aestham attacks when whether changes and we need to find a cure for this problem. I have the oil.

  10. Mohd Shoain says:

    Hi i am from India. My dad was paralised few years back since than he used to have pain im his left hand and left leg the pain is at extream level he cannot sleep all night he just keeps screaming because of pain. I want to ask will roghan e balsan work in his condtion?. Please let me know .. also tell me the pricing of and minimum quantity i can buy of it..Please help my father and pray for him may Allah releif his pain. 

    Waiting for your reply

    Mohd Shoaib


    • Nabi Dean says:

      Brother, you can buy in India/ Pakistan but check for purity but if someone can get it for you from Madina they have the purest one I know this fellow. I have left my contact above you can check it.
      it is about 1300 Saudi riyal that is the large bottle. SAYED IBRAHIM MADNI HOTEL REHA BILMASI
      GATE # 6 WATTSUP# 966551543340 Please contact me after you get it [

  11. Ravi Jhorar says:

    I need Rogan bilsan oil in India you provide me contact me on email or my contact number +919878003233

    • Ali says:

      We have pure balisan Oil. What quantity are you looking for?
      If you want us to contact us please leave your number

    • Ali says:

      Since the oil is 100% pure, you can mix the oil with olive oil and massage where you feel the pain.
      If you would like us to mix the oil we can do that as well(free of cost).
      Apply for 5-10 minutes and you will start to feel better.

  12. PbsPetrus says:

    Hello Sir, I’m trying to an order Roghan e balson but there is no option. Please could you call me on this number ±919101731772. I would like to get that oil .

  13. Moinuddin says:

    Salam Waylekum,

    If i am come in madina Sarif where I get it. And its 500ml price is what?

    And also please how to use it?

    Atlast what your contact number

    • S Sajid says:

      I need Rogan Balisan or balsan . But I need it pure if you have let me know. Also tell me how to buy , price and delivery charges to London, United kingdom and If I want to buy some things else. Would you charge me seprate for delivery. I need only pure. Thanks

  14. Safeer says:

    I need Rogan Balisan or balsan . But I need it pure if you have let me know. Also tell me how to buy , price and delivery charges to United Kingdom and If I want to buy some things else. Would you charge me seprate for delivery. I need only pure. Thanks

  15. Rizwan says:

    Is it useful for nerve problem?
    My mother hand not move upwards due to brain signal weak. Dr say that she have MOTOR NEURON DISEASE (MND).
    10ml price for india .
    Whats app no. +91-9950117297
    Or mail me on

  16. Mirza Imdadulla Baig says:

    Where can I purchase rogane Balsan in India? I need 100% pure and what would be the cost of 100ml? Please contact me ASAP

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