Salam Panja or Salab Panja benefits

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Benefits of Salam Panja or Salab Panja

Dactylorhiza Hatagirea

Salam Panja is an herb, used in the Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicines as a powerful stimulant and virility enhancer. The botanical name of this plant is Dactylorhiza Hatagirea. It is a tonic, which boosts the libido with its strong aphrodisiac properties. This herb is known by different names in different parts of the world such as Marsh Orchis in the Europe, Salem Panja in Kashmir, and Ambolakpa in Ladakh.

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Male infertility

Salam Panja is a great herbal medication used for treating male impotency arising out of low sperm count or lack of sperm motility. Salam Panja increases the sperm count by boosting the testosterone levels in the blood and improves the quality and motility of the sperms. Hence, it is considered an effective treatment for oligospermia and oligozoospermia.

Skin conditions

Salam Panja may be used to treat certain skin conditions like wounds and ulcers. It helps in the faster healing of wounds by stimulating the regeneration of skin cells and assisting the repair processes of the body. The juice of this herb can be consumed to heal cuts, and wounds. This property of Salam Panja is also helpful in the management of gastritis, in which it repairs the damaged mucosa of the stomach and provides relief from hyperacidity.

Erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation

Salam Panja can be used to treat male health problems like erectile dysfunctions. It can increase the strength of the muscles in the penile tissue and also increase the blood supply into the organ thus allowing a man to get an erection. This herb is known to possess a strong penile erection index, which is a measure of how long a man can maintain an erection. Hence, it is considered useful for treating premature ejaculation also.

How to use Salam Panja

Blend it and consume half teaspoon once a day if used alone. To maximize the benefits of Salam Misri consume it with White Musli and Salab Misri An alternative way of using Salam Panja is to apply the oil extracted from the herb on the penile tissue and gently massage it for a few minutes.

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