Top 4 Natural Herbs for Piles-Hemorrhoids

Herbal remedies for piles


When there is inflammation of tissue and vein around the anal canal, it is best to describe it as pliles.  Piles is also known as hemorrhoids andare usually painful due to the presence of collections of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and other fibers that are inflammed. Inflammation brings about pain which explain why pain is associated with piles.

The causes of piles includes chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or straining when passing a stool. Piles varies in it’s location which could either be inside the anus or outside the anus. Surgery may be needed in some cases to cure piles “grade III and IV”. It is very crucial you prevent yourself and family from having piles or hemorrhoid.

Herbs used in piles

Plles can be prevented and treated with the use of herbs, we will be looking at some of the herbs useful in the management of piles. Herbs have beenin existence for long, long before the manufacture of drugs and they still retain and very useful in treating piles. Let’s look at some of the important herbs. The main goal of treatment is to prevent future damage to veins and tissue around the anus and also aiming to return them to their former healthy state.

  • Psyllium husk

This is natural herbs that soften stools due to it’s ability to increase the intake of fibre diet. Softening of stool is important to reduce the straining on the anus which could bring more harm/damage to tissue, veins and elastic fibres around it. It is important to note that excess intake of this high fibre content can leads to stomat cramping and because of that, you are advised to take in adequate water.

  • Aloe Vera

This is useful in the management of piles due to it’s excellent properties of anti-inflammatory which is important to soothing the inflammed tissue and vein around the anus. Taking of aloe vera with other mixture should be avoided as doctor adviced strongly against this.

  • Witch hazel

This act as anti-inflammatory to the hemorrhoids thereby decreasing the inflammation process until the affected tissues and veins are return to their original state. It contain tannins amd oils that is thought to be useful in the treatment of inflamed tissue and vein.

  • Apple cider vinegar

It is believed that this is useful in the treatment of piles but, due to corrosive nature it is strongly not advisable to make use of it except if your doctor gives you guidelines on how to use it to avoid serious burn to the skin


It is important to note that piles resolve on their own but, the use of herbs can help to speed up the healing process. It is also important that you get your herbs from a reliable source, well recognised and registered when you are getting your herbs. We advice you to make use of herbs to speeden up the healing process of inflamed tissues and veins around the anus as this will help further damage and restoration of tissue and vein around the anus to their healthy state thereby, eliminating pain associated with piles.

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