Be Aware of the Herbal Guys(Akseer, Marjan, Nukra)

Hello There,

Today we want to raise an issue that many have complained about and is growing day by day. We did raise the issue to the DM and DP but that’s for another blog post. Let’s get straight to the point.

Imagine, you are walking on the roadside of Bur Dubai(karama,mina bazaar,etc) or Deira (Gold souq , baniyas) or in any other emirates Abu Dhabi especially.

All of sudden a guy approaches you and depending on how you look

  • OverWeight
  • Bald(hair loss)
  • Dark Circles
  • Adventurous

He stops you to have a word. Tells you a random story about how was facing the same issue and is willing to help you out. Conveniences you that he does not live here or doesn’t belong to the same field and lives in a different country. Helping you out for humanity while actually he is about to scam you

And if you bought Akseer,Marjan, Nukra from them . I am sorry to inform you about that but you just got cheated

72 thoughts on “Be Aware of the Herbal Guys(Akseer, Marjan, Nukra)

      • Ryan Telan says:

        Just bought from them today,, one guy approached me and gave this fake hairgrowth formula. First he brought me to shop to buy flaxseed and almond oil 40AED.. after is the herbal shop looking for nukra powder, they are talking there own language. He took 12 grams and put into the oil. After that he told me to pay 300AED not asking me first for the payment. Then i said i dont have that money and the guy gave 200 and told me to give 100.. after that i totally realized that i was scammed. Beware they are very tricky

      • Mohammed says:

        Today I had reflected the same incident from two Pak guys at ras al khaimah nakheel near nesto supermarket

  1. RAG says:

    Hey.. this just happened with me n my friend yesterday on 30.10.2020 at Meena Bazaar. one guy approached me saying about my grey hair.. he said he is from Jalandhar Punjab and had a same problem of grey hair. He said he have some herbal formula to get rid of the problem. He showed he was in a hurry as someone was waiting for him. He told me to mix Black sed oil and garlic oil with 4 herbs namely Akseer, Nukra, Marjan, one other herb powder… he said pray for me and text me thank u msg in the name of god and asked us to help other by the telling the formula to others.
    We told him that we will get this things and do it by ourselves but he showed us helpfulness and himself went with us to the shop. He first enquired about the oil in one shop nd the oil was not available there. Then we went to second shop we got the oil at 30 AED at Grocery Shop. He makes us believe that he doesn’t know anything about the herbal shops he enquired here n there deliberately. Then he took us to one herbal shop and asked shopkeeper for akseer and marjan. He himself put these powders in both oil bottles 7grams each costing to total of 490 AED. Then he took us to another herbal shop and asked for Two other herbs and himself put the same in both bottles 7 grams each costing 360 AED. He was always showing hurry as someone was awaiting for him, and he left. thus we also forgotten to take the invoices from both herbal shops. Thus all this costed us 880 AED.
    After 10 minutes we realized that we got cheated. We were shocked.
    We came to our hotel and checked out this blogs and came to that all these was just a scam and fraud. We went back to Meena bazaar and identified these shops. We took photographs of the shops. Then immediately went to Al Raffa Police Station.
    We told police all the thing happened to us. Police told us to come tomorrow as the all the shops were closed. Police told us to go the shop tommorrow and ask for refund and if they deny just call us on 999 or 901.
    Then on next day that is today 31.10.2020, we went to the same shop and argued with shopkeepers for refund. He told to come tomorrow and get refunded, but we stick to our argument and for refund on immediately. We threatened him that we are calling to police. He suddenly told us that he will pay the refund dont call the police.
    Then he refunded our money paid at both the shop even we forget the one shops location.
    Thanks to this blog first and Dubai Police for helping us.
    Guys pls remember these people are very scared of police. U just try calling police in front of them, they will surely pay you back.
    Thanks once again.

    • Ali says:

      Dear Ragca,
      Please be very careful with these guys. They are called ‘Adri Gar’ and are scammers. They will approach you upon noticing your physical appearance in your case it was grey hairs but for other, they say dark-circles, overweight , weakness, etc.

      Approaching different shops is also one of the techniques for one to believe in them that they are helping you out then as you said they will take you to the herbal shop and try to manipulate you by showing you different things
      and will try to take as much money as they can.

      Make sure you do some research before you buy. We are happy that we helped and your money got recovered
      Most Welcome
      Stay healthy
      Stay safe

      • Rahat says:

        Hi the same happened to us in Deira yesterday at Mohammed Gul Natural Herbs. How can I get a refund we paid 660AED for skin problem.

        • Ali says:

          Dear Rahat,
          First of all please visit the shop and return the things ask for a full refund. They will be like it’s mixed already but you will have to insist that you want your money back.
          I know this was a trap, the person who took you to the shop was a shopkeeper’s person. There is no such thing MARJAN,AKSEER,NUKRA from iran/turkey or spain.
          Inform them that you are aware of this “ADRIGAR”(meaning half-half). Deman a full refund or else you will call the police.
          I believe that will do it and they will be giving you a full refund.

    • Peter says:

      Hi! May I know the name of the shops, it might be the same shops the guy who manipulated me and took me to buy those expensive herbs. Thanks

      • Will says:

        Hi, exactly the same thing fraud happened to me today. I was approached by a man, who said he had the same hair loss problem as me.
        He did the same scam which cost me 700 dhs.
        Anyway I took a photo of the shop after 5 minutes because I felt like I had been scammed.
        The shop is called durrani herbs trading llc, near naif hotel, Deira dubai.
        Thankfully I got my refund.
        Only because I read this blog I realised it was scam and happened to other people.
        So thank you guys

        This is near Al Sabkha Road.
        Once you get here, there are a few different stores carrying out this scam

    • Ablin Gonsalves says:

      The exact same scenario happened with me and my husband. We were outside Sharaf DG metro station and 2 guys approached us talking about my husbands bald hair and the wig he was using. We ended up paying 1200 Aed for the herbal oil for hair growth. I am shocked to know the truth .

      • Ali says:

        Dear Ablin,
        Please rush back to the shop and demand a full refund. Incase you any assiatnce don’t hesitate to call us 04-2727410.
        Luqmaani Herbs

    • NM says:

      Salam to everyone

      I have also come in contact with these persons. They tried to take me to a herbal shop with the same hurried attitude but lucky for me I had deliberately kept my wallet in my car and when he got to know that i was not interested in purchasing any of the items now, so he gave the list of the ingredients and told me to visit the particular herbal shop to make the purchases. Today I went online to research on the ingredients and came across this post.
      Such and similar scams keep happening but this type of awareness posts are very helpful to save one self.Big Thanks to luqmani herbs and team for helping others out

    • Rak says:

      Hi, Same thing happened to me today.
      2 man approached me and told me about my eye sight will get perfect and glasses will get removed. 4 ingredients Daman powder, akseer naqkhra, and Marjan powder are required and they will told me about nukra of Turkey Dhs 25 per gram according to age and Marjan of Turkey Dhs 75 per gram. So totally it cost 1200+20 Dhs i.e Dhs 1220. Luckily I noted all the things and send to my wife. She searched on the internet and found this post. As I took the person number, the bills. I called him back and told him that I have read the Dubai article and he has folled me and told him to let’s go to the police. Initially he started taking outh but after some time called back and agreed to go to the shop and obtain full amount back. Let’s see what happens next day. Will post with the updates.

  2. Nidal abdelhafez says:

    Same story exactly happened to me yesterday 2 November 2020 , i have the number for the guy should i report this numbet to the police or not

    • Ali says:

      Please visit the herbal shop and demand a full refund. Make sure you not settle for less.
      Raise the tune if needed and approach the legal authorities(Police). That will do it

      • KZ says:

        Hi the same thing happened with me on 5 Nov 20202. I tried to find their shop but couldn’t. Can you please share the name / location / or phone number. Thanks.

  3. Kali says:

    They are still active I got nearly cheated for 400 AED but luckily googled to check about the herbs online and to my luck this was the first post. Thanks for keeping this online and to spread the awareness about these scammers.

  4. Jestin says:

    Hey.. this just happened with me today on 26.11.2020 at mussalla tower. one guy approached me saying about my hair losses. he said he is from Jalandhar Punjab.

  5. Azam says:

    The same story happened to me today. I was walking in meena bazaar today 07.12.2020. Once guy approached me saying that he has a solution for hair-loss and even showed me his photos him being bald. Then he was very quick with the terms of herbs, I couldn’t follow, then he said he will help me get these. Then he took me to a grocery and bought me garlic oil and black seed oil. It cost me AED 30, he even offered to pay, I said I will pay for it. Then afterwards he enquired About the Herbal shop from the same shopkeeper, The shopkeeper then referred us to one of the herbal shops which is right in front of this grocery. Then he took us to the herbal shop and asked the shopkeeper to get this herbs into one pile and he himself put these powders in the oil. Now at this time he told me one dose of this powder costs 25 dirhams and he used almost 10 doses which is equivalent to 250 dirhams. I felt something is wrong then I realise maybe these people are cheating and I told him I’m not willing to pay this amount and I told him that he is making a business out of me and he’s not helping me but pretending all the way. he was like no I was helping you. I said i will not pay a single dirham. Then he pulled out a 300 and gave the shopkeeper, thinking that I might break at some point. But i was confident that I should not pay, honestly this was a little intimidating, but I took my stand. afterwards I left the shopAnd quickly moved from that place thank God i realised that it was a scam before it was out of hand.

    Be careful guys.

  6. Hend says:

    Yesterday my husband he got same cheat for sorrow ,with same names written here ,while i am searching i found this great post
    I told him to do as you said
    I hope he could remember the shop place and be able to refund

    • Ali says:

      All you need do is go to that shop and demand a full refund. Threat them to call the police. Don’t settle for less. You can call the police as well if needed.

      • Samir says:

        Same thing happened with me i have ended up paying alot around 2k now i do not have any reciept but i will go for full refund and i will call the police will see if they will give back the amount

        • Ali says:

          Dear Samir,
          They will not provide you with the receipt. Just visit the shop and ask for a full refund. Don’t settle for us. DO NOT BELIEVE ON THEIR LAME EXCUSES(mixed already, its yours blah blah).
          Stick what you said. YOU WANT a full refund or else you will call DP. Tell them that you are aware of the scam”ADRIGAR”.
          We wish you the best of luck. If you need any further do not hesitate to call us at +9714272410 or +971555192114

  7. John says:

    I am also a victim by this guy. I went to police station n they said its my mistake and i have to go to DED to open the case.

    • Ali says:

      Yes John, they are right. Nothing they can do but launch a complaint with DED.
      You need to be very careful. That being said, you have the chance once you visit the place and demand a full refund. There is a high probability that once you demand your money and tell them what they did is a scam don’t forget to use the word”ADRIGAR” it translates (half-half). They will be in panic and give you a refund right away.

      • Ghazi says:

        Ali , i just got scammed for 1700 Aed yesterday in the same sh*t , near computer plaza , and i dont actually remember the shops place and am ready to pay something from the amount to anyone who can help me , please

  8. Xav says:

    On 15 Dec 20 we got scammed as well. This time it was for weak eye sight. We realised we had been scammed within 30 minutes and my GF checked online for Akseer and came across your blog. We followed Rag’s advice and went straight back to the shops. We asked for a receipt first and than told him to refund us or else we would call the police. INSTANT CASH REFUND!. Second shop no questions asked and full refund. Only loss was the initial date syrup and “black seed powder” purchase of AED45.
    Thank you for the post and am sure it continue to help others too.

  9. Vaibhav says:

    I was also cheated near fahidi metro station. Be careful. He told me regarding my belly fat, white hairs, multiple reasons they have.
    But I went and asked for money, they did not return fully but, may be 50 aed they deducted. But thanks to this post, I was saved.

  10. Rahat says:

    Thanks to all of you who responded to my scam incident that took place in Diera a couple of days ago. We went back and confronted the shopkeeper. Obviously he denied at first but being persistent he returned 500 aed. We still lost out 160aed but at least got most of it back. Thank God. Please be vary of such people, there is so much information about these online and YouTube. Only I did it after being fooled. Do not give away your money to such scums, Be safe.

  11. Naseeh says:

    Oh my god !! I was struggling with overweight,and I was walking through ras al khaima, suddenly a guy approached me and said my belly was too big,and he told me buy this exact combination from any shop, I believed him and asked him where I will get this and he said he don’t know and o asked proof for it and he showed his picture that containing overweight image oof himself and he took me to several groceries and finally on a herbal shop and purchased mixture of three materials of worth 250 aed, luckily it was all the money o have , I don’t know what to do, unfortunately I only have social data at that time . hopefully no one gets cheated like this. Posting on 19/01/2021

  12. Himanshu pandya says:

    Same happend to me on 17/01/2021
    It was hair oil scam.
    My 1700 ADE wast
    I also went to police station but they told you buy your self then we can’t do anything.

  13. Zeeshan says:

    I became also victim of similar scam today, and thanks to these posts. I returned to shop and demand my full refund of 1400, he said 1000. I warned him i will call to police, he said call them he dont care.

    I made a phone call to police he said wait, then i disconnect call. He said take 1200, i said i need full refund. Then he tried to call a guy and asked me to talk to him. I said i dont wanna talk to him to any one. The guy told me if u wanna call to police then go ahead they canot do anything because you have paid at your wish.

    When I made another call to police, he said please disconnect call, theb e paid me full refund.

    So my advise, if anyone become victim of this scan please dont talk or eye contact with these guys, only demand your full refund.

    I am again thankful to all who contributed to this post.

  14. Adnan Rasheed says:

    Today on 23-01-21, I also become the victim of this scam. Today I am coming back from Deira Dubai meanwhile a person sitting on the footpath asked me that you are too fat n I have solution. He suggested me some Safoofs. Then he asked me that I will manage those Safoofs for you but you should pray for him. He brought me a shop n buy a Safoof n asked me to pay Dh 25. I paid then he brought me a herbal shop where he order some safoof n he instantly mixed in safoof already bought from another shop. The shop keeper demanded DH 690. I was short of fund he took 490 from me n charged my credit card for DH 200. The person brought me then disappear, then I came to know that I was trapped n they deprived me from my money. I only have visiting card of the shop n receipt of DH 200 charged on POS machine of mall situated in front of that shop. I have lodged complaint to Dubai police through online portal. Now all the shops are closed, please suggest what should I do…

    • Adnan Rasheed says:

      Today I visited the shop n show the shopkeeper confirmation email of police complaint. He started arguing with me that we had sold that herbal medicine. I told them clear n loud that I know this is a scam n I have already lodge complaint to Dubai police. Then he say I will return the amount after deduction of DH 200. I said I will call to police, he said ok you do call, when I dialled he instantly stoped me n refund the entire amount. Finally I saved my amount through experience you people shared on this portal, I am highly thankful to all of you people. God bless u all

  15. Moulana Nasruddin says:

    Dear all who ever reading this comment,
    First of all I want to thanks Mr Ali and his staff who helped me getting back my money. May Allah bless you witj highest reward for this kind work.
    Okay let me come to the story.
    On 31/01/2021 afternoon I was walking near Fahidi area for my office work all of sudden one person passed by me and stopped me asking that I am loosing hair i said yes then he told me y don’t u try what he is doing , I asked him what is that he said that I need to mix something called akseer mehra tilai in black seed oil and garlic oil, I asked him where to find, (first he acted as he is heading some where in emergency) he said there is Arabic herbal market behind I will take you there so walked with him he took me one grocery shop he bought 2 oil one garlic oil one black seed oil and acted like he is going to pay for this but I insist to pay and payed then he took me to another shop while going he was asking for guide to the shop which was just acting then we reached to the shop he asked to the shopkeeper for something he said one pinch will cost 100 which supposed to be 7 pinches 700 then another 7 pinches of something then again 700 he took there 1400 with me in that shop then again he asked for something for which shopkeeper said it’s not available so he guided to another shop just opposites side of this one we went the he told me that we need to buy 3 items from there I said okay initially he dint tell me how much it will cost letter he added all the items in that oils and told me to pay 9800 aed I said I don have money he said cards are accepted I had only 1500 in cash left which I paid him then 3300 from card and from another card I was suppose to pay 5000 which with may be with someone’s prayer that dint approved and card got rejected several times he tried but payment dint go through,
    (Alhumdulilla ) so he asked me to pay next morning I said Okayama came back from the shop and the person who took me there he left from that place saying he need to hurry somewer I said okay but he kept telling me that I need to help others if this works I need to forward this formula to others in need and shouldn’t charge them that his father had told him this that is why he is doing this help and blah Blah. I came back to the car while I was driving suddenly I started thinking that what I had done to my pocket which was not right I gave them what earned for this month I was in shock I dint knew what to do so I can I tried finding whether this things really works or just something I spent money on rubbish then I came across to this site and saw all these comments, earth slipped below my feet’s I was dead alive like in coma my dreams shattered which I was dreaming before 20 minutes that my hairs will be like Ranveer Singh in gunday, when I read comments above this was exactly what happened with me so I took the no which was given above from mr ali and I called him today morning to ask what should I do he guided me proper way how get this money from them I went there today after noon before going I did something to scared them which I can’t tell here so if these people get to read this then they will be aware of that idea so m not writing here okay once I entered the shop 2 other people was having their lunch I asked them about the shop guy who was there yesterday on counter they said he is out now for something you call him so he will come I called him from there but he dint answer I asked them again when he will be coming they told after 7 pm I told them okay I will wait they tried to send me out I said won’t move a inch untill I get refunded (this was the second shop) in just 2 minutes he the person arrived with one customer who was already got billed for 11 thousand aed from another shop which I went first yesterday then I got to know these are the same people at first I told that person who came here as customer that these are thugs don’t buy anything and don’t pay I shouted infront of him to shopkeeper he acted like he don even know me thank god to prove I had his no so I told to that customer if u want prove I will call one his mobile see it will ring or no shopkeeper had no rum so he surrendered and asked me what u want I asked for my refund by the grace of god that customer was not having enough cash and he was to pay by card and POS machine was in this shop where I was fighting that’s how he got saved and ran from there rejecting, he got pissed on shopkeepers who was having lunch that they dint inform him that I was fighting here and because of them he lost one customer for 11000 he came to hit me as well and I made sure to rise my voice and managed to save 4 other customers who came to buy, o said come on try a hand on me which I was needed that to prove something to police but he dint when I had words with him and people gathered he agreed to pay me half I said I won’t go untill I get my full amount and I will make sure I won’t leave the place so he got scared for his bloody business and paid me I went from there to o other shop where I paid 1400 straight to the shopkeeper and asked for the refund and tried there as well my trick which worked perfectly and he paid too,
    Trust me guys even big shops are not making business like these people are doing now I decided to follow that guys word who took me to this shops that I should forward good things to others I will to the same that whenever I will get off or Holidays I will go straight there and stand infront of these shops to save others from these thugs
    This is my story of 24 hours
    I am just writing this to help others and I want you guys to forward this as much as people here in uae
    And please forgive me for grammars

  16. Manu says:

    This happened to me exactly as you guys said above, It happened to me in Gubra Signal, Muscat,
    for me, this guy was coming opposite and told me about my overweight and first, he suggests nakra and akeer mix with date syrup and drinks every nite with hot water or green tea will reduce weight and he showed his stretch marks and said he was overweight, drinks this help him reduce weight, I fall for that because from a long time I was looking for something like that. But I just spend 10 rials only because at that time I did not take any money in my hand. So I told him I will come later and went from there, after I came to the room and check the names of the herbs that time only I find out it was all about cheating, anyway they act very nicely, we will not suspect. until I find this post I didn’t know I was cheated, Thank you guys for the valuable information and help more people stay away from these frauds.

  17. Mohammad says:

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for sharing the truth.

    This happened to me lastweek, do you think it is possible to get refund.

    And if someone can share the pictures of those both shops in Bur Dubai behind Fahidi Soak, Thank you!

  18. Ghazi says:

    Thank you so much for this post of awareness i got scammed 2 days ago and today i went to the shop , i ddnt have to say anything , i just put the stuff on table and asked for full refund , he said u will loose 10% card fees , i told him i want full refund or ill call the police , he said okay call , i called and during the call they gave me full refund , dont let ur money that u work hard for go in this way by these scammers , have a good day guys

  19. SK says:

    There is serious scamming network running in the Meena bazar computer plaza region. I was fallen in the trap since they approach you looking helpful and innocent. This is a serious SCAM and a very well planned and organized. The problem is its not in ONE shop they will dupe you. They will take you to one shop get some herbs then the other shop where they will say you already paid 500AED now lets complete this without it won’t work and they are always in hurry….I figured out once I asked the scammer who is so called “manjeet” bravely gave the content of the herbs over whatsapp and found out this post….it turned out a business phone which is circulated among the scammers who take shift here is their number: 0523015598 They are not afraid of the police…I went back to the shop and demanded refund they gave me the excuse owner has travelled and come back in 10 days. They will give you voucher like card and say come back. They have it all recorded whom they have scammed how much each scammer has paid. they all have Blue big notebooks and keep record of their “operation”. So I went again they didn’t entertain me “wait”, “owner is not here” after calling the police (who told me to go the consumer protection) they didn’t budge in. They wanted to talk to police themselves… pressure and assertiveness paid off partially and was able to get back only 1500AED from the 2490AED paid….since they were teaming up and forcing me to leave up their shop when my voice started getting higher. They made sure to take the “vouchers” they gave and the “herbalized oils” however they didn’t know that all the conversation was getting recorded in my phone and I have taken photos of their vouchers. Now I have lodged a complaint with the DED.

    • SK says:

      the SHOP are called DAR ALSHIFFA NATURAL HERBS and DARBARI NATURAL HERBS in Meena Bazar. the mix who the scammer even writes to you on whatsapp are: Garlic oil, Black seed oil, Johar marjan, Johar tillkalan, Sarkndu, Mehra

    • Ali says:

      It was nice having breif conversation with you. We are glad that you were able to get atleast some of the refund. We recommend going back again and ask for a full refund which eventually they will.

      Thank You
      Luqmani Herbs

      • Malik says:

        Hello, I think i got scammed yesterday in Deira i was walking along the road and the guy approached me that he has a solution for the dark sports on my face and he offered to help. He called out few products for but i don’t understand so he decided to take me to a supermarket and requested for black seed cream 10dhs and after paying we proceed to a herbal shop where he asked the shop owner for face clear cream and he said i need 12 gram and a gram costs 10dhs and Akseer 12 grams a gram cost 35dhs everything cost 540dhs. But i realized something wasn’t right and decided to google this product and came encounter with this post.
        How do i get my money back please?

  20. SK says:

    The shops involved in the scamming scheme are: DAR ALSHIFAA NATURAL HERBS and DARB AL SHIFAA Natural Herbs Trading. Al- Fahidi Street Soul Al Kabeer, Bur Dubai

  21. Suren says:

    Thanks for your blog and comments…they help me to take back 10700 AED… otherwise i could have take flight….same they did ..first offer free bottles and then different herbal from different shops and all in small small streets…luckily we find one shop but they refused to pay back even police also told us that if you don’t have bill and if he didn’t Force you to buy then it is not fruad…but one shop take 8000 AED from credit card and give receipt also and it help us to recover all 10700…thanks a lot

  22. Vipin Vp says:

    I also got scammed. name of the shop : samar hussain natural trading llc location : near mena bazar and kfc , al fahidi street. 2 other shops are also near by doing the same thing. spend 1120 dhs. after realising that it is a scam asked for refund and got back 1000 dhs. please be weary of the tricksters.
    Thank you Luqmani Herbs for all this information and i will definaly buy herbs from you.

  23. Taye says:

    Thanks very much for your information. I was also cheated before yesterday night. I paid them almost 1000 AED for two different powder and one paste. I realized that everything was fake after few mnts I have already went far away from them. I feel nervous so far. Now, it is 2 days past. If i get the shop, will they refund me the money ?

  24. Taye says:

    Thanks very much for your information. I was also cheated before yesterday night. I paid them almost 1000 AED for two different powder and one paste. I realized that everything was fake after few mnts I have already went far away from them. I feel nervous so far. Now, it is 2 days past. If i get the shop, will they refund me the money ?

  25. Adharsh Unni says:

    I feel so stupid now . Almost 900 AED, gone in this… It was 2 weeks back. please help me out to get the refund.

  26. Sss says:

    Same happened with me today in multan, pakistan today. This happened to me exactly as you guys said above. One shop to another and the rest is also the same.

  27. Thinkthank says:

    Same thing Happened to me today , the names of the shops are
    – ATIQ SARDAR NATURAL HERBB TRADING L.L.C and AL Wadi Al Jameel Natural Herbs Trading LLC.
    long story short, the mix 43 portions of a power and charge me 634 AED and then again another
    Portion (43) and then charge me 5000 AED. I knew something was not right because we should have at least agreed on the price. I did have enough cash and had do part payment with my master card. We got to the ATM and I still couldn’t get enough cash because my limit has over for the day. Then they said i should purchase some cell phones with the my card to balance off the difference. At this point i knew it was a scam. I keep my cool , purchased the phone and then i asked them to give me a receipt for the purchase of the herbs, they produce the receipt with items purchase and their prices. I then went for a cup of tea and did my home work on google using the names from the receipt and finally i got to this forum. I went back to the shop and demanded for a complete refund else i call the police, i even called a number which saved in my phone as police and put the call the speakers. The guys were like ” we have already mixed the product, we can’t refund you” I said “F### you and your S##T” refund my money immediately. Forgot to mentioned that when i came back to the shop i met a woman who was about to the scram, i told her get lost because this guys are scammers, she own me a bar of chocolate. Left home with my money…

    Big Thanks to Luqmani Herbs for helping me with this.If you need to buy some herbs always buy from luqmani herbs dont trust anyone else!!!

  28. Anw says:

    This is very Sad and true stories mentioned above, this is planned scams, boys roaming in the streets will take you in confidence, and they are really expert in doing this. You should be very careful to talk to any unknown person offering anything on road. But thanks to Dubai police of the locality they help people and guide them to get the refunds done. But it is also true that the fault is of person who became victim to such planned scam. So just ignore such attractive offers given by scammers on road.
    Big thanks to Luqmani herbs

  29. Shamal Khan says:

    This just happened to me yesterday in Karachi Pakistan at Sadder but as one of my friend was aware of this scam so he told me not to buy but i was a bit confused that they showed me their pics before and after the use of these things so how can this be a scam then i googled it and found this article.

  30. Asish says:

    I was also a victim of Similar Hair Oil fraud/Scam in Bur Dubai in March 2019 and lost 5000 dhs (AED) to this Scam. But took courage and filed a Charge back with my bank against this shopkeeper and fortunately go the full refund of my lost money. Guys, beware of this Scam specially in Dubai as these Fraudsters tend to cheat innocent people and part away with their hard earned money. Sincere request to all visitors to check there blogs before visting to Dubai.

  31. VK says:

    My Dear Friends,

    On 5th June, 2021 I was too cheated by a conman like this. Believe the skills of these thugs in acting is mind blowing, even Hollywood, Bollywood actors cannot do so nicely.

    I met this person near Burjuman, Burdubai who introduced himself as Manjeeth Singh, from Jalandhar (+971 52 3015598) and doing very good textile Business, importing containers of cloth and selling and lives in Sharjah. He poses as if he is busier than the world’s richest person.

    He says he got a formula for hair growth (and shows me his previous photo which was with complete bald head like a playground), which he came to know during his one of his business trips to Malaysia and tells me that he will share the formula and also helps me getting those herbs. He only says if it works just pray for him and help the poor people in his name and tell the same formula to others. In the meantime another accomplice (who is his friend Lucky Singh) turns up and tells they have meeting in Deira, in 30 minutes they need to reach there. Lucky Singh is introduced as importer of Rice and apart from this they both together does real estate business which is also very much flourished. Now this Manjeeth Singh says to Lucky Singh, it is their duty to help the Mankind, please postpone the meeting for an hour and they are doing this help as a humanitarian gesture though they are very busy people on the Earth. He says he inherited baldness from his father (his age is 70) and both of them used and now his father’s hair turned to be thick black and like forest.

    When they said they are busy, I requested him not to waste their time and just tell me those herbs names, I will go and buy myself. This Manjeet Singh tells that one needs to have experience in identifying the herbs, he also says the gender of the herbs whether it is male or female also important which an normal person like me cannot find.

    He said don’t worry, we will come along with you and make sure that I buy the right product. I said my car Air Condition is not working, if they are OK I can drive, Manjeeth Singh tell Lucky Singh OK, let’s park their car in Burjuman Mall and go along with me in my car. On the way Lucky Singh tells ohh man we never travelled in such cars, and Manjeeth Singh with all his good nature he tells brother we need to also get used to little inconvenience’s in life.

    On the way I asked, how much it might cost for all the herbs, he says he also don’t know the price in Dubai, he bought them earlier in Malaysia. Let’s go there and see.

    Though they know the exact shop, they act as if they don’t know and asks some fellow (who is again a part of their group) on the road where is the place to Iranian Herbs shop, they give some directions based on that I was driving and saw some parking slot in Meena Bazar tried to park the car their and said we will walk to search, Lucky Singh again says no Brother we cannot walk it might be far. I entered the road to Mini Sind Punjab in Meena Bazar (we need to take right turn immediately after Aster Clinic which is on Bank Street and go straight take 2nd right, it is one way road), then all of a sudden Manjeeth Singh, Bhai now we will park and walk as we cannot identify the shop like this. We found a parking on the road, and these people says that how lucky I am to find parking on a busy Saturday even and went on saying my star signs are perfect on that day and GOD sent them to me to help me.

    Next to where we parked is a grocery (again is planned one which they act as accidental), we went into the shop and Manjeeth Singh asks the shop keeper to give Vatika Black Seed Oil & Vatika Garlic Oil of one bottle each which is 300gms each bottle, and this guy took out the money and tried to pay for it, then I insisted and said no I will pay for it, the shop keeper charged AED. 30/- for both the bottles (Where as it is AED. 25/- in Carrefour) without invoice. These people including the grocery shop working in a network and looting people.

    Then he asks the shop keeper where can he find Iranian Herbs shop, he says that it is just opposite the road in the lane (this small lane is exactly opposite Mini Sind Punjab Restaurant). Before entering the lane, I asked can he please write the names of the herbs for my record, as I could not make out when he spells them.

    Finally he wrote names of 4 herbs, (here you go for your reference)

    1) Gortokoma
    2) Sirkandu
    3) Tillkalan
    4) Mastkaromi

    I remember him saying the gender also important, so I asked him he said all should be male herbs and that too German made only (Iranian fellow selling German Herbs what can I say about myself being educated fool falling into trap for such cheaters).

    We reached this Herbs shop by name DAR AL SHIFAA NATURAL HERBS L.L.C which is a stone’s throw away from grocery again (this too accidentally near the grocery according to them), there was already a customer in the shop and they said due to COVID restrictions, only 3 people at a time allowed are allowed, so Manjeeth Singh all of a sudden takes me to another shop which is the parallel lane and the name of the shop is REHMAN ALI NATURAL HARBS TRADING L.L.C, and says we will buy some herbs whatever we get in this shop and remaining in the previous shop.

    As soon as we entered the second shop, Manjeeth Singh tells to show the powders for hair growth, the person at the counter shows two bottle with powders from different brands one is expensive (1 gm costs AED.150/-) and other is bit lower (it costs AED. 120/-), Manjeeth Singh advices to take the best one, and then asks me whats my age, I said 40, then he says as per calculation I should 20 gms which is weight of half my age, before I could think anything and say yes or no, they take the powder of 10gms each and mixes in both the bottles and charged me AED.3000/- for it and like fool I paid in cash, later he takes me to the first shop and asks him to show some powders and he mixes there 3 powders and i really now here became blank and unable to understand what is happening and finally charged AED. 8000/- and when I said I don’t have that much money, these people make me feel that I am so mean and wasted their time, which they came to help me and I don’t have big heart for myself nor respect for them who came to help me. I said I have 5000 only in cash and my credit card has around AED. 1500/- balance, so they took AED.5000 in cash and swiped AED. 1530/- from my credit card and all in total I paid AED. 9,530/- , wiped out in no time. They asked me to pay when I get my next salary.

    Now for past 2 days, it is like I am in a traumatic condition, could not say to anyone in my home also. I feel myself dejected.

    Yesterday I went to the same shop and asked for refund they are threatening me, and shouting that they did not sell anything by force, it is me who asked them and they sold it.

    Their main target is tourists, who are always in hurry and they know that once the tourists leave the country nobody can catch them or prosecute them. Each of these shops are earning not less than AED. 30,000/- per day by just cheating.

    My dear friends please do not fall under such traps, these are some crooked people around us. May GOD save this world from such people.
    Thank you Luqmani Herb for this amazing post.

  32. Nirajan says:

    Yesterday we met a man near Burjuman shoping mall, he approached us saying he use to loss a lot of hair but he regain all his hair because of the special herbs and oil.He offeres us to help buy the oil and herbs.First he took us to grocery shop and told us to buy black seed oil and amla oil and as we walk towards the herbal shop he told us he was helping us because of good will.He doesnt want anything in return excecpt prayer.He told us that he live in Sarjah and he is into carpet business.He also told us that he is in a hurry and his friends are waiting for him in taxi.He told us to help people who need help once we notice the result that our hair are growing back.
    We reach the shop and before we could talk he told the shop keeper to add 5 variety of powder and told us the bill is 1650 AED we were shock and ask him why so expensive.He said its a secret receipe for the sheikh and its from beat quality herbs, which guarantee that yout hairfall will stop and start growing back.
    We came home a bit confuse and once we did research we found out about this page and call Ali he told us to go back and ask for
    refund. We rush back to the shop but it was close.we saw a small tailor shop next to it and ask for help. They told us that we are the third person who came to ask for refund.they told us the shop is close so we went back to our room.Thank God our accomodation was close by.We call the police but they told me that i went with my will so they cannot help inless we have a receipt.
    Today we went back and ask for full refund but he told us he has added all his herbs amd need to deduct at least his cost price.We agreed and got back 1300 AED.
    Thankyou Luqmani Herbs for making this information available.We got back our money.I think we need to raise awareness to everyone.Goodnight guys.

  33. JNSDA says:


    Firstly thank you for everyone who shared their stories and how they got their refund.

    I experienced this situation yesterday (26 June, 2021) and spent 350 aed. I came home and tried to Google the names of the herbs and came upon this article.

    I visited the shop and demanded my refund. I treated him like a guilty person and quickly refunded the money. He tried to keep 20 aed for his loss. I did not buldge. He then refunded all the money.

    Please go forward and get your money back. Just be confident and be persistent.

    Thank you everyone speciality Luqmaniherbs ♥

  34. Sanjeeb Kumar Senapati says:

    I have just cheated by a shop in nakheel, near Vegitable market. The guy fools me and taken 1400 Dhs and given me 2box and said me to continue for two months so that the fat will get reduce. Now I have understood and can any one help me how should I get my money back.

  35. Raza zaidi says:

    Yesterday I was going home from work , I was on bike and a guy (scam) on bike approached me, and said your hair is white from behind, I was also facing the same thing, and I use akseer e Maida, akseer e amrjan, and akseer e bol bejh, i said where can I find these herbs, he said as I am in hurry but I can help you only if you remember me in your prayers, i said sure, he takes me nearby shop, in 6 number chungi , ahsan pansar Multan Pakistan, asked for these herbs, shopkeeper was also involved in this matter, he started taking with me and try to be show affection, then he gave me some powde of akseer maira for cost 1000 of 4 dose, and claim for money, i gave them, and then he gave me akseer maida for rupee’s 6000, luckily i have no money, but he asked me to go and take it until i will make the proper solution for your white hair, i said no thanks give my solution as i gave him 1100 rupees for akseer and gaozaban , and return home, next day when i searched the herbs, luckily i found this website, next day i went with my father and asked him for full return, first he denied by saying you have break the seal, now it is useless, when i shout and start making videos, and threatened him for calling the police then quickly he gave my 1100 back…
    Thanks to luqmaniherbs……

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