Be Aware of the Herbal Guys(Akseer, Marjan, Nukra)

Hello There,

Today we want to raise an issue that many have complained about and is growing day by day. We did raise the issue to the DM and DP but that’s for another blog post. Let’s get straight to the point.

Imagine, you are walking on the roadside of Bur Dubai(karama,mina bazaar,etc) or Deira (Gold souq , baniyas) or in any other emirates Abu Dhabi especially.

All of sudden a guy approaches you and depending on how you look

  • OverWeight
  • Bald(hair loss)
  • Dark Circles
  • Adventurous

He stops you to have a word. Tells you a random story about how was facing the same issue and is willing to help you out. Conveniences you that he does not live here or doesn’t belong to the same field and lives in a different country. Helping you out for humanity while actually he is about to scam you

And if you bought Akseer,Marjan, Nukra from them . I am sorry to inform you about that but you just got cheated

32 thoughts on “Be Aware of the Herbal Guys(Akseer, Marjan, Nukra)

  1. RAG says:

    Hey.. this just happened with me n my friend yesterday on 30.10.2020 at Meena Bazaar. one guy approached me saying about my grey hair.. he said he is from Jalandhar Punjab and had a same problem of grey hair. He said he have some herbal formula to get rid of the problem. He showed he was in a hurry as someone was waiting for him. He told me to mix Black sed oil and garlic oil with 4 herbs namely Akseer, Nukra, Marjan, one other herb powder… he said pray for me and text me thank u msg in the name of god and asked us to help other by the telling the formula to others.
    We told him that we will get this things and do it by ourselves but he showed us helpfulness and himself went with us to the shop. He first enquired about the oil in one shop nd the oil was not available there. Then we went to second shop we got the oil at 30 AED at Grocery Shop. He makes us believe that he doesn’t know anything about the herbal shops he enquired here n there deliberately. Then he took us to one herbal shop and asked shopkeeper for akseer and marjan. He himself put these powders in both oil bottles 7grams each costing to total of 490 AED. Then he took us to another herbal shop and asked for Two other herbs and himself put the same in both bottles 7 grams each costing 360 AED. He was always showing hurry as someone was awaiting for him, and he left. thus we also forgotten to take the invoices from both herbal shops. Thus all this costed us 880 AED.
    After 10 minutes we realized that we got cheated. We were shocked.
    We came to our hotel and checked out this blogs and came to that all these was just a scam and fraud. We went back to Meena bazaar and identified these shops. We took photographs of the shops. Then immediately went to Al Raffa Police Station.
    We told police all the thing happened to us. Police told us to come tomorrow as the all the shops were closed. Police told us to go the shop tommorrow and ask for refund and if they deny just call us on 999 or 901.
    Then on next day that is today 31.10.2020, we went to the same shop and argued with shopkeepers for refund. He told to come tomorrow and get refunded, but we stick to our argument and for refund on immediately. We threatened him that we are calling to police. He suddenly told us that he will pay the refund dont call the police.
    Then he refunded our money paid at both the shop even we forget the one shops location.
    Thanks to this blog first and Dubai Police for helping us.
    Guys pls remember these people are very scared of police. U just try calling police in front of them, they will surely pay you back.
    Thanks once again.

    • Ali says:

      Dear Ragca,
      Please be very careful with these guys. They are called ‘Adri Gar’ and are scammers. They will approach you upon noticing your physical appearance in your case it was grey hairs but for other, they say dark-circles, overweight , weakness, etc.

      Approaching different shops is also one of the techniques for one to believe in them that they are helping you out then as you said they will take you to the herbal shop and try to manipulate you by showing you different things
      and will try to take as much money as they can.

      Make sure you do some research before you buy. We are happy that we helped and your money got recovered
      Most Welcome
      Stay healthy
      Stay safe

      • Rahat says:

        Hi the same happened to us in Deira yesterday at Mohammed Gul Natural Herbs. How can I get a refund we paid 660AED for skin problem.

        • Ali says:

          Dear Rahat,
          First of all please visit the shop and return the things ask for a full refund. They will be like it’s mixed already but you will have to insist that you want your money back.
          I know this was a trap, the person who took you to the shop was a shopkeeper’s person. There is no such thing MARJAN,AKSEER,NUKRA from iran/turkey or spain.
          Inform them that you are aware of this “ADRIGAR”(meaning half-half). Deman a full refund or else you will call the police.
          I believe that will do it and they will be giving you a full refund.

    • Peter says:

      Hi! May I know the name of the shops, it might be the same shops the guy who manipulated me and took me to buy those expensive herbs. Thanks

      • Will says:

        Hi, exactly the same thing fraud happened to me today. I was approached by a man, who said he had the same hair loss problem as me.
        He did the same scam which cost me 700 dhs.
        Anyway I took a photo of the shop after 5 minutes because I felt like I had been scammed.
        The shop is called durrani herbs trading llc, near naif hotel, Deira dubai.
        Thankfully I got my refund.
        Only because I read this blog I realised it was scam and happened to other people.
        So thank you guys

        This is near Al Sabkha Road.
        Once you get here, there are a few different stores carrying out this scam

    • Ablin Gonsalves says:

      The exact same scenario happened with me and my husband. We were outside Sharaf DG metro station and 2 guys approached us talking about my husbands bald hair and the wig he was using. We ended up paying 1200 Aed for the herbal oil for hair growth. I am shocked to know the truth .

      • Ali says:

        Dear Ablin,
        Please rush back to the shop and demand a full refund. Incase you any assiatnce don’t hesitate to call us 04-2727410.
        Luqmaani Herbs

  2. Nidal abdelhafez says:

    Same story exactly happened to me yesterday 2 November 2020 , i have the number for the guy should i report this numbet to the police or not

    • Ali says:

      Please visit the herbal shop and demand a full refund. Make sure you not settle for less.
      Raise the tune if needed and approach the legal authorities(Police). That will do it

      • KZ says:

        Hi the same thing happened with me on 5 Nov 20202. I tried to find their shop but couldn’t. Can you please share the name / location / or phone number. Thanks.

  3. Kali says:

    They are still active I got nearly cheated for 400 AED but luckily googled to check about the herbs online and to my luck this was the first post. Thanks for keeping this online and to spread the awareness about these scammers.

  4. Jestin says:

    Hey.. this just happened with me today on 26.11.2020 at mussalla tower. one guy approached me saying about my hair losses. he said he is from Jalandhar Punjab.

  5. Azam says:

    The same story happened to me today. I was walking in meena bazaar today 07.12.2020. Once guy approached me saying that he has a solution for hair-loss and even showed me his photos him being bald. Then he was very quick with the terms of herbs, I couldn’t follow, then he said he will help me get these. Then he took me to a grocery and bought me garlic oil and black seed oil. It cost me AED 30, he even offered to pay, I said I will pay for it. Then afterwards he enquired About the Herbal shop from the same shopkeeper, The shopkeeper then referred us to one of the herbal shops which is right in front of this grocery. Then he took us to the herbal shop and asked the shopkeeper to get this herbs into one pile and he himself put these powders in the oil. Now at this time he told me one dose of this powder costs 25 dirhams and he used almost 10 doses which is equivalent to 250 dirhams. I felt something is wrong then I realise maybe these people are cheating and I told him I’m not willing to pay this amount and I told him that he is making a business out of me and he’s not helping me but pretending all the way. he was like no I was helping you. I said i will not pay a single dirham. Then he pulled out a 300 and gave the shopkeeper, thinking that I might break at some point. But i was confident that I should not pay, honestly this was a little intimidating, but I took my stand. afterwards I left the shopAnd quickly moved from that place thank God i realised that it was a scam before it was out of hand.

    Be careful guys.

  6. Hend says:

    Yesterday my husband he got same cheat for sorrow ,with same names written here ,while i am searching i found this great post
    I told him to do as you said
    I hope he could remember the shop place and be able to refund

    • Ali says:

      All you need do is go to that shop and demand a full refund. Threat them to call the police. Don’t settle for less. You can call the police as well if needed.

      • Samir says:

        Same thing happened with me i have ended up paying alot around 2k now i do not have any reciept but i will go for full refund and i will call the police will see if they will give back the amount

        • Ali says:

          Dear Samir,
          They will not provide you with the receipt. Just visit the shop and ask for a full refund. Don’t settle for us. DO NOT BELIEVE ON THEIR LAME EXCUSES(mixed already, its yours blah blah).
          Stick what you said. YOU WANT a full refund or else you will call DP. Tell them that you are aware of the scam”ADRIGAR”.
          We wish you the best of luck. If you need any further do not hesitate to call us at +9714272410 or +971555192114

  7. John says:

    I am also a victim by this guy. I went to police station n they said its my mistake and i have to go to DED to open the case.

    • Ali says:

      Yes John, they are right. Nothing they can do but launch a complaint with DED.
      You need to be very careful. That being said, you have the chance once you visit the place and demand a full refund. There is a high probability that once you demand your money and tell them what they did is a scam don’t forget to use the word”ADRIGAR” it translates (half-half). They will be in panic and give you a refund right away.

  8. Xav says:

    On 15 Dec 20 we got scammed as well. This time it was for weak eye sight. We realised we had been scammed within 30 minutes and my GF checked online for Akseer and came across your blog. We followed Rag’s advice and went straight back to the shops. We asked for a receipt first and than told him to refund us or else we would call the police. INSTANT CASH REFUND!. Second shop no questions asked and full refund. Only loss was the initial date syrup and “black seed powder” purchase of AED45.
    Thank you for the post and am sure it continue to help others too.

  9. Vaibhav says:

    I was also cheated near fahidi metro station. Be careful. He told me regarding my belly fat, white hairs, multiple reasons they have.
    But I went and asked for money, they did not return fully but, may be 50 aed they deducted. But thanks to this post, I was saved.

  10. Rahat says:

    Thanks to all of you who responded to my scam incident that took place in Diera a couple of days ago. We went back and confronted the shopkeeper. Obviously he denied at first but being persistent he returned 500 aed. We still lost out 160aed but at least got most of it back. Thank God. Please be vary of such people, there is so much information about these online and YouTube. Only I did it after being fooled. Do not give away your money to such scums, Be safe.

  11. Naseeh says:

    Oh my god !! I was struggling with overweight,and I was walking through ras al khaima, suddenly a guy approached me and said my belly was too big,and he told me buy this exact combination from any shop, I believed him and asked him where I will get this and he said he don’t know and o asked proof for it and he showed his picture that containing overweight image oof himself and he took me to several groceries and finally on a herbal shop and purchased mixture of three materials of worth 250 aed, luckily it was all the money o have , I don’t know what to do, unfortunately I only have social data at that time . hopefully no one gets cheated like this. Posting on 19/01/2021

  12. Himanshu pandya says:

    Same happend to me on 17/01/2021
    It was hair oil scam.
    My 1700 ADE wast
    I also went to police station but they told you buy your self then we can’t do anything.

  13. Zeeshan says:

    I became also victim of similar scam today, and thanks to these posts. I returned to shop and demand my full refund of 1400, he said 1000. I warned him i will call to police, he said call them he dont care.

    I made a phone call to police he said wait, then i disconnect call. He said take 1200, i said i need full refund. Then he tried to call a guy and asked me to talk to him. I said i dont wanna talk to him to any one. The guy told me if u wanna call to police then go ahead they canot do anything because you have paid at your wish.

    When I made another call to police, he said please disconnect call, theb e paid me full refund.

    So my advise, if anyone become victim of this scan please dont talk or eye contact with these guys, only demand your full refund.

    I am again thankful to all who contributed to this post.

  14. Adnan Rasheed says:

    Today on 23-01-21, I also become the victim of this scam. Today I am coming back from Deira Dubai meanwhile a person sitting on the footpath asked me that you are too fat n I have solution. He suggested me some Safoofs. Then he asked me that I will manage those Safoofs for you but you should pray for him. He brought me a shop n buy a Safoof n asked me to pay Dh 25. I paid then he brought me a herbal shop where he order some safoof n he instantly mixed in safoof already bought from another shop. The shop keeper demanded DH 690. I was short of fund he took 490 from me n charged my credit card for DH 200. The person brought me then disappear, then I came to know that I was trapped n they deprived me from my money. I only have visiting card of the shop n receipt of DH 200 charged on POS machine of mall situated in front of that shop. I have lodged complaint to Dubai police through online portal. Now all the shops are closed, please suggest what should I do…

    • Adnan Rasheed says:

      Today I visited the shop n show the shopkeeper confirmation email of police complaint. He started arguing with me that we had sold that herbal medicine. I told them clear n loud that I know this is a scam n I have already lodge complaint to Dubai police. Then he say I will return the amount after deduction of DH 200. I said I will call to police, he said ok you do call, when I dialled he instantly stoped me n refund the entire amount. Finally I saved my amount through experience you people shared on this portal, I am highly thankful to all of you people. God bless u all

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