Leucorrhoea is the flow of a thick whitish, yellowish, and sometimes greenish discharge from the vagina. It may be a normal physiologic occurrence that occurs in women of reproductive cycles, such as before menarche, or an abnormal pathologic condition that is as a result of an underlying infection of either the urinary or reproductive systems, or both. 

Often time, the physiologic course of this condition may not pose any health challenge as it usually resolves on its own in a day or two however, the pathologic nature of this condition may result to severe complications that may affect the daily well-being of the individual. 


The normal or physiologic form of leucorrhoea is as a result of the factor of the female sex hormone estrogen which widely responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics. It is experienced by within several months to a year prior to menarche in adolescent girls, and sometimes in newborn girls.

On the other hand, the pathological course of this condition is mostly gotten by infections, such as bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms. A lot of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) of which gonorrhea and chlamydia belongs to, transmits viruses or bacteria that causes leucorrhoea. These and other forms of STD’s lead to infection if the cervix, hence, produces excess amount of mucous that is mixed is pus from the vagina.


It is important to note that the abnormal pathologic form of leucorrhoea is a sign of an underlying infection in the female reproductive system. Hence, the symptoms of the condition is characterized by an offensive odour that is often times accompanied by irritation, tissue inflammation, itching and of course, pain in the pubic region. 

Other symptoms that can be experienced with this condition includes excessive urination, painful micturition, painful menstruation, anemia, general body weakness, breathlessness, headaches and dizziness, and lower abdominal pain. The severity of the symptoms is highly dependent on the severity of infection, as an overwhelming infection will produce severe symptoms to an individual than a mild level of infection. 

The Effectiveness of Homeopathy in treating Leucorrhoea

Homeopathy is a holistic system of treatment for several medical conditions of which vaginal discharge is a part. It is an effective remedy in the treatment of all types of flow, be it physiological or as a result of infection. The use of homeopathy has often been found effective in the treatment of discharges, most especially as it pertains to kinds of flows that have multiple etiology. Homeopathy treatment for leucorrhoea are recommended by doctors after taking a complete case study, and performing physical assessment so as to identify the kind of infection. This is done because the effectiveness of homeopathy works best at correcting the root cause than treating only the symptoms. 


Periodically, every woman have some normal vaginal discharges which serves as a normal defensive mechanism by the vagina. However, if such discharges exceeds normalcy and become white, greenish, or yellowish with a foul smell, then, it is not a normal physiologic process of the body and hence, medical care should be sought after promptly.

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