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October 11, 2017
Watch Fresh Wild Ginseng, dried and then in powder Form

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September 19, 2017
Mutani Mitti face Pack-Direction to use Multani mitti

 How to Use Multani Mitti   For oily skin: Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, a Delhi-based skin care expert, recommends multani mitti pack for oily skin. Mix equal quantities of orange peel powder and multani mitti, blend the two together with the help of rosewater, apply on your face, let it dry and wash off. According to Dr. Bharadwaj, using the pack twice a month will help keep excess oil [...]

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June 22, 2017
How to cure erectile dysfunction permanently?

Erectile dysfunction| Erectile dysfunstion in Dubai-UAE is the consistent inability of a man to maintain a firm erection during sex. It is often referred to as impotency.  However, there are instances when most men are unable to erect during sex, this may not really be an erectile dysfunction. This condition will be considered as an ED if satisfying sexual experience [...]

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