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Top 5 Health Benefits of Ginseng

A nutritious herb, Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial plant with fleshy roots that typically grows in Northern China, Korea, and eastern Siberia. While it also is believed to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac and tonic, here are the plant’s top health benefits


1) Is it for 2 diabetes?: In America, Ginseng have found that if you consume ginseng it may improve blood sugar control by creating sugar-lowering effects in fasting and after-meal blood sugar levels.So yes, it is for diabetes type2

2) Weight control: it is very helpful with weight control and boost your mood so that you can consecrate on Ginseng.

3)  Mental or Physical health enhancement: From Hundreds of  Years it is believed that it is a good herb for stamina and help them boost energy level. Further studies relieved that it helps athletes use more oxygen athletes and it is believed to regulate metabolism, which can put you on new level of energy.The Siberian Ginseng goes to gym and many athletes use it to lower their recovery time. Moreover, its tea can act as a stimulant for the brain cells and help improve concentration and thinking ability.

4) Male sexual function: The Tea can help men lessen the symptoms of sex-related conditions like ED i.e erectile dysfunction. Red Korean Ginseng has been found great for sexual weakness. However, please consult your physician before consuming this herb as it may interact with other drugs or cause some other reactions
5) Menstrual problems: Women who suffers menstrual cramps are advised to take  G.Tea early in the morning. You will feel less stomach pain associated with MP.


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