Tragaganth Gum | Gond Katira


Discover the uses, health benefits and dosage of an amazing herb Tragacanth which is obtained from the sap of legumes plant.

Are you suffering from any sexual insufficiency? Are you facing dreadful ailments like heat strokes, constipation or tumor?

Do you want to enlarge your breast size? If your acknowledgment to any of the above questions is ‘yes’ then you arrived at correct destination and ‘Gond Katira’ is the very answer to all your queries.

In addition to being an herbal drug in Ayurveda, Gond Katira finds its applications in cooking industry, textiles, paper manufacturing and what not.

Moreover, if you are highly inquisitive in making Gond Katira drink and other products you just need to scroll down a little bit and your will find your recipe ready right there.